There are some interesting possibilities for day trips to other towns of Abruzzo region rich in history and traditions, such as l'Aquila, Sulmona, Vasto and Chieti. Driving along the coast to the south, the sandy beaches give way to early natural reefs and hidden coves of the street, striking beauty ( Trabocchi Coast), while the town of Gran Sasso and Majella National Parks with their offer to mountain lovers can enjoy skiing in all its speciality, trekking, climbing, mountaineering and mountain biking on trails for every level of preparation. A few kilometers away is the town famous for oil production ( Loreto Aprutino) wine ( Tollo,Ortona) and ancient artisan wrought iron production ( Guardiagrele) and ceramics ( Castles), as well as important and interesting places of worship such Manoppello which houses the "Holy Face", Lanciano houses " the Eucharistic Mystery", the shrines of St.Gabriele in Colledara and "Our Lady of Miracles" in Casalbordino. Around the hotel, several cafes where you can taste the specialties of the finest and most renowned culinary tradition of Abruzzo: the kebabs, lamb, fresh egg pasta specialties such as "guitar" and "pecorara", "frying Mediterranean fish", the famous fish soup and fish appetizers and dessert "Parrozzo".

Additional information is available on the website of Tourism in the Abruzzo region.

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The city of Francavilla al Mare

In recent decades, the 800, along the beach, the Marina District is developed around the central building of the Siren: the long avenue of trees, the rich villas arranged in a checkerboard of the sea and elegant hotels in Francavilla. transformed into a popular seaside resort, making them take the title of "Pearl of the Adriatc". The reputation of the town was increased in the same period coterie of artists who gathered in the Convent of Santa Maria of Jesus around the painter Francesco Paolo Michetti, who had built his studio on the beach, the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio and the musician Paul Francis Tosti. Francavilla al Mare is now home to an influx of foreign tourists increasing numbers. The August holiday in Francavilla is characterized by the celebrations in honor of San Franco, the patron saint of the city, which ends with spectacular fireworks over the sea, the evening of August 18. Among the important events, the "Carnivald'Abruzzo" who, despite having passed the fiftieth anniversary, regularly attracts a large audience. Not least are the various awards andnational and international competitions such as the "Premio Michetti", the oldest arts prizr in Italy (1947) after the Venice Biennale, the International Floral Art Competition linkjed to the Flower Show which takes place every year in late April, the "Premio Antonio Russo", born in the memory of the journalist of Radio Radical killed in Georgia, which sees journalists and photographers honored for distinguished reporting in war zones, the "Web Italy Price" awarded to best filmmakers of websites, and finally spaces Convicts, competition for contemporary art installations in urban areas.

For more information about our city you can visit www.comune.francavilla.ch.it



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